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From the air to the ocean.


From an early age Will has always had a camera in hand; a decades long journey from shooting black and white photography in the backwoods of Pennsylvania to flying cinema cameras on custom built  FPV drones and filming the oceans' greatest animals. Blending a passion and patience for the serene with the an adventurous spirit towards dynamic storytelling, Will has excelled at bringing creative visions to life for brands, documentaries, and clients across the globe.

Recent Work

FOX Sports NFL NFC Divisional  Promo
Coldplay - Humankind (Official Video)
GoPro: Stunning Encounters with Sharks, Humpbacks, + Mantas in 4K
New Species! World's Rarest Toad Found?
Caeleb Dressel - 50m Butterfly - FPV Drone Speedo Commercial
Ducati Monster - The Streets of Denver Cinematic FPV - Spec Commercial
Diving the Mergui Archipelago with the Smiling Seahorse
Protect The West - Western Resource Advocates
Guadalupe Island: Diving with Great White Sharks on the Socorro Vortex & the SPOC
Crossing the Invisible Line – A Film by Keith Ladzinski Shot on the EOS R5 C
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